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  • Tuff Kids/Budapest

    Meeting these tough young guys who have just finished a shift. Sometimes you have to forget how tough it is.

  • Babygenic

    Autumn comes the baby is on the way.

  • Enköping-Kräftskivan

  • Bts – Annika & Christian

    Some outaken pictures from this awesome day!

    You will find more photos here.

  • All Around

    A series of photographs I have taken during my vacation with my awesome assistent and wife.

    More Photos is cooming…

  • Endure the cold

    Got a phonecall from Edmound for 3 weeks ago that he will getting married in Stadshuset . The 1st thing I thought was probably the weather. It’s a lottery when it comes to the weather here in Sweden during April. It was cold! A great tribute to the bride and groom how they manage that day.


    More photos here.

  • Antony BB

    Today we made a heroic effort. We got 5 minutes with cute Antony and he was awesome as model!

  • Concert – Loso

    • MrSek-4_low
  • Prewedding – Stockholm

    You can find more photos here

  • Unexpected visit with Miu

    • Miu_1600

    After a delicious dinner we met Miu on the way home. She and her boyfriend were heading to Tivoli. Miu is one of the most talented Asian model who lives and works in Stockholm/Sweden.

    You can read more about her in Miuccia.


  • Vacation – Thailand 2011

  • TV 3 Summer – Behind The Scenes

  • Lin and Vincent

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